creating with clay allows to give shape to ideas. through action and representation, our personality discloses.

the search for balance between defined lines, softness, and movement: there is always an alternation of opposites.

the object must not impose itself but suggest visual and tactile sensations to arouse emotions.

clay enables me to give a three-dimensional shape to my moods, it is my way of communicating with others and with the world around me, to reconnect with simple things and with nature, with places and landscapes I am very attached to.

my ceramics encourage to stop, to slow down in a hurried world, to be mindful and listen to oneself.

I try to combine contemporaneity with tradition.

my production changes and evolves with me through continuous training and exploration of the material I model.

each piece is modelled entirely by hand using the slab and the coiling technique.

i use high quality stoneware in different colours and textures depending on the final effect I want to achieve. each piece is then dried, fired twice, and glazed by hand with lead-free and non-toxic colours. the second firing the ceramics undergo reaches up to 1280 degrees.

stoneware differs from other earthenware because when fired at high temperatures its surface becomes compact and impermeable even when unglazed. this offers me the choice between glazing it or leaving it bare.

when I start thinking and designing a piece, I have to take into account that the clay will undergo many processes and that it will be transformed: the initial object will change and evolve into a new, unique and different one each time. I am not certain of the ending result especially because each creation is modelled, shaped, and painted by hand.

i always have the feeling the material is alive, it changes, it morphs.

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if you would like more information about my creations or wish to find out how to purchase them, send me a message: it will be a pleasure for me to answer!

elisa arlandi / +39 340 965 3956 / email: | vat number: 02785220993 | credits: matteo villa

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