the 'radici' collection.

the ‘radici’ (roots) collection stems from the need to revisit my origins and rekindle my contact with nature through a new lifestyle.

the intention is to maintain the raw material – stoneware – visible and bring it to the fore.
the aim is to emphasise its complexity even when untreated.

the shapes of the objects I create are reminiscent of stones and pebbles, to the touch their texture is evocative of rock and of the mountain losa, a distinctive stone roofing slab. i like to alternate raw pieces with glazed pieces to highlight the contrast between the clays and create an interplay of light and shadow.

the glaze i use calls to mind the mosses and lichens found at high altitudes. it yields peculiar effects that differ each time.

“roots” to me means reconnecting with the soil and with simplicity.

“i believe that one of today’s greatest breakthroughs is the ability to enjoy simple things and re-evaluate the concept of time.

as for me, ceramics is the medium to do so: it connects you with yourself and with the surrounding world.

ceramics is emotion, people, sharing and fun.”

let's get in touch

if you would like more information about my creations or wish to find out how to purchase them, send me a message: it will be a pleasure for me to answer!

elisa arlandi / +39 340 965 3956 / email: | vat number: 02785220993 | credits: matteo villa

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